SensMail Cloud Service

Guaranteed security! Highly compatible with IMOXION’s cloud email service
KISA Cloud Service
Security Certification
Compliance with the public institution
cloud using guidelines
Large-scale mail system performance
management and operation know-how applied
Naver Cloud

Why Choose IMoxion's Cloud Service?

The cloud service satisfying the most up-to-date security requirements
  • Acquired the KISA Cloud Security Certification (June 2021)
  • Reflecting the legal requirements related to information protection and personal information security
  • Encryption application of sections with a TLS of 1.3 or higher and email sending domain-based policies (SPF, DIKIM, DMARC)
Email service environment optimized for public institutions
  • Usage of the Naver Cloud [for public institutions] IaaS infrastructure
  • Non-stop service support with system redundancy (99.5% or higher availability guaranteed)
  • Provision of control functions such as suspected hacking email reports and blocked viewing of dangerous email
  • Provision of user and organization chart administration functions
Support system for successful introduction of email cloud services
  • Application of experiences from operating KT’s Bizmeka EZ (340,000 users) and Seoul’s citizen mail (800,000 users) services
  • Stable service via the Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Consultations on converting a built-in email system to a cloud service
  • Support for service monitoring by expert technicians

Proven emailing performance and security

  • First-grade GS Certification
  • KISA Cloud Service Security Certification
  • Compliance to the requirements for using public institution clouds and for the NIS’s security
  • Email encryption and secondary certification

Interworking and Scalability

  • Interworking capability with SSO and organization charts
  • Mobile email
  • Interworking with archiving services (optional)

Integrated Services

  • Infrastructure design/consultations by cloud experts
  • SLA service operation

Major Functions

KISA Cloud Service Security Certification
A cloud email service with its safety and reliability proven by the SaaS Cloud Security Certification, a requirement when providing cloud services to administrative and public institutions.
Compliance to cloud service security
  • Reflection of the legal requirements of information protection and personal information security
  • Complyiance to the privacy laws
  • Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection
  • Act on the Development of Cloud Computing and Protection of its Users
Application of the latest email security
  • Security-enhanced user authentication (OTP)
  • Encrypted data transmission applied with HTTPS and TLS1.3
  • Application of Email with SPF/DKIM/DMARC [Registration of sending server and domain key authentication]
  • Deletion of mail forwarding and POP3/IMAP functions
  • Report and block of suspected hacking emails
  • Block to access of dangerous emails
  • Alert for emails from false domains
IMoxion provides stable and reliable cloud managed services by expert technicians with 21 years of IT know-how.

One-stop administration
by cloud experts
  • Consulting
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Migration
  • Supporting Cloud Operation
  • Responding to Failures
  • Reporting
  • Free Update Support
  • Periodically Reflecting Government Security Guidelines
  • Optimized Cloud Operation
Help Desk
  • Dedicated Personnel Assigned to Support Service Continuity and Prompt Responses
  • Responding to General Failures
  • Receiving and Supporting Emergency Failures
  • Remote and Off-line Support
  • SLA Compliance
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Preemptive Responses to Failures
  • Log Analysis


* VAT included
50 People
100 People
300 People
500 People
1,000 People
2,000 People
3,000 People
5,000 People
10,000 People
Cost/month KRW 594,000 KRW 618,100 KRW 930,500 KRW 1,242,900 KRW 2,023,900 KRW 3,585,900 KRW 5,147,900 KRW 8,271,900 KRW 16,081,900

Installation Process

SLA administration

About the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

IMOXION provides stable cloud email services by ensuring a high-level monthly availability.
1. Target Criteria: 99.5%
2. Calculation Method: Availability=100* (total operation time - failure time/total operation time)
3. Damage Calculation Criteria: Average monthly utilization fee of the last three months of the user institution* compensation rate
Monthly Availability compensation rate (monthly utilization fee)
99.0% or more, to less than 99.5% 5%
over 98.5%–less than 99.0% 10%
less than 95 15%
2. Below are the items of the Service Level Agreement
Items Detailed Criteria Main Content
Availability Availability Rate The ratio of the time available for cloud service access (actual operation time) compared to the appointed operation time (scheduled operation time)
Responsiveness Response Time The measurement of the response time for accessing the web page satisfies the service target level (within 3 seconds on average)
Scalability Scalability The time for processing system structures or requests of expansion to normally maintain the service when the service needs to be expanded as the number of users increases or as functions are added
Reliability Service recovery time The time taken from service disruption to recovery
Backup cycle Periodic cycle of data backup
Backup compliance rate The ratio of backups performed normally out of the total scheduled backups (including regular and non-scheduled backups)
Backup data retention period Protection duration and retaining backup data
Service Support Service support system
  • User support including technical support documents and monitoring websites
  • Supporting various terminals and operating systems
  • Convenience of using services including compensation plans
Responsiveness to customers Customer responsiveness system Providing and operating various measures to collect customers’ opinions
A system for handling customer complaints A system to collect and handle customers' complaints quickly and accurately

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