Safe bulk email and
email marketing solution
SensEMS is a bulk email and email marketing solution for businesses using encryption for all delivery processes (TLS 1.3) and guarantees safe bulk email with personalization and automation.

Safe bulk email solution

  • Level 1 GS verification and registry in KONEPS
  • Encryption for all delivery processes (TLS 1.3)
  • Storage for encrypted personal data

Fast and stable email delivery

  • Sends more than 100,000 emails per hour on average
  • Equipped with multi-thread email engine
  • Stable delivery of emails through multiple servers

Personalization and automation

  • Personalized outgoing emails through input field
  • Schedule delivery for repetitive events
  • Real-time analysis on customer responses and email delivery tracking

Major Functions

Personalization field input
Users can input four new personalized fields such as email address, name, cell phone numbers, or company name to send emails to customers.
Template management
Users can add frequently used templates to use them in emails and sort, share, modify, delete or add those templates.
Schedule management
Users can view their email history by month, week, or day, as well as schedule and manage repetitive events.
Address book management
Users can export or import their address book in CSV format and send bulk emails to multiple groups.
Delivery tracking statistics
When sending bulk emails, information such as delivery statistics, major errors, email tracking, link statistics, or survey statistics are provided in real-time.
Automated tracking of links in body of emails
Links in content of emails are tracked automatically and provided with results.
Download Excel files (CSV) for each delivery status
Users can download error statistics, tracking statistics, or link statistics in Excel format (CSV).
User management
Administrators can give assign authority to administrators and general users.
Automated delivery of external emails
Users can connect to a web page or database server and send automated emails.
Delivery blocking
Users can have a quick look at all the blocked email addresses and speed up the delivery of bulk emails by filtering non-existing domains.
Blocking management
Users can read list of blocked addresses and add "unsubscribe links" in the body of the email.

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