Solution for image
conversion of external emails
SensConverter is an email security solution that enables users to check external emails safely. Contents from external emails are converted into images, allowing users to safely check their emails.

Prevention of security errors

  • Prevents accidental clicking of links and attached files included in the email
  • Supports the delivery, reply, and storage of reliable emails
  • Disables confirmation from unknown senders

Filter control

  • Turn off filter to receive emails from reliable sources and use as regular email
  • Control filters to receive emails with certain senders, IP and subjects

Stable incoming and outgoing of emails

  • IMOXION’s verified email engine enables stable incoming and outgoing of emails
  • Quick optimization to convert up to 4 EML to image files within seconds

Major Functions

Prevents accidental clicking of links and attached files included in the email
External emails are converted into image files, preventing any accidental clicking of links or downloading attached files.
Blocking of forward, reply, and storage function
Users are only allowed to forward, reply, or store external emails after clicking the original email, unlike regular emails.
Filter control
Users can exclude external emails that they trust by controlling the filters (with addresses, senders, IP and subjects) and receive emails as regular emails.
Use of image conversion
User or administrators can opt for image conversion for each domain.
Email conversion log
Users can check email conversion logs such as domain, senders, receivers, subjects, received data, tracking, or status.
User activity log
Users can manage their user history by checking period, user types, events, activities, or ID.
Users can check statistics for converted, outgoing, or incoming emails.

Configuration Map

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