Email archiving solution to protect and manage email data
SensArchiving stores incoming and outgoing emails in separate storage in real-time and enables easy backup and recovery of original emails. It is a stable email archiving solution with outstanding compatibility with the largest project reference in Korea and linkage to various email servers.

Storage of outgoing/incoming emails

  • Linkage to other cloud email services such as MS Exchange, DEEPMail, Tims Mail and G Suite, Office365, and Naver Works
  • Archiving regulations and storage limit according to each company’s policies
  • Storage via ARIA encrypted algorithm
  • Dualized structure to prevent failures (Active-Active)
  • Compress email data up to 60% and reduce storage cost

Email log

  • Quick search speed and large distribution
  • Basic search and detailed search (subjects, body, names of attached files) function
  • Individualized recovery and download of searched emails
  • Permanent email storage

Compliance preparation

  • International and domestic compliance with email guidelines through the company’s data storage and record-keeping policies
  • Secures legitimate evidence to prevent forgery of original emails
  • Provide separate storage for each domain under the FSS guideline

Major Functions

Search settings
Users can select the receiver, subject, body and/or attached file names and search in detail.
Multilingual search
Users can search in Korean and other languages (English, Japan, Chinese) to search emails from overseas business partners or local offices.
Assessment of email integrity
Users can assess integrity of archived emails.
View log
Users can view access logs of users or administrators for each event and download search lists.
Archiving settings
Users can delete, schedule deletion, cancel deletion of archived emails.
List of download requests
Select emails and click "download original search results" -> Check status and download requests in download requests list.
Add storage
Users can add, modify, or delete archiving storage capacity and use separate email storage for each domain.
Email archiving
Incoming and outgoing emails through email system are stored via ARIA encrypted algorithm, and email data is compressed for up to 60% (zip).
Assessment of archiving integrity and legitimacy
Users can assess integrity by hash function regarding email data.
Archiving status
Users can check archiving status based on domain and search period.
- Count, Size
System status
Users can check system status based on statistics type and search period.
- Check CPU occupancy, memory usage, and thread usage

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