Webmail solution for public institutions and private enterprises
SensMail is the no.1 webmail solution for public institutions and private enterprises in compliance with the government's latest security guidelines, product safety, and security to protect sensitive information from threats and ensure customer satisfaction.

Compliance with governments' latest security guidelines

  • Encryption of emails in transit
  • Detection of spoofing
  • Guidelines for the establishment and operation of information systems for administrative and public institutions
  • Complements OWASP's security vulnerability and the Personal Information Protection Act

Assured system stability

  • Email engine developed by IMOXION and continuous R&D
  • Established and operates email systems for clients with large numbers of users
  • Monitoring system for storage fail over and real-time activity log


  • Provide desktop and mobile version
  • Support delivery of large files, webhard and search function for attached files
  • Provide email system storage management and statistics
  • Blocks access to suspicious emails and delete function

Major Functions

Report hacking attempts
Users are blocked from opening emails that are reported as a hacking attempt, and the security administrator handles these reported emails.
Information of sender's IP and country
Information of sender's IP and country is provided to give warning of overseas emails and hacking attempts.
Security email
Receivers are allowed to read emails only after typing a password and can select access period and duration.
Email preview via images
Users can opt out from reading suspicious emails and view them as images instead.
Email Tracking
Data on when emails are accessed and read, as well as the sender's IP and country is provided. Forward history is also recorded.
Delay delivery
Users can select a specific time to delay delivery in order to prevent mistakes.
Read emails in messages
Users can select and view emails from certain senders through messages or lists.
Large attached files
Users can drag, drop and send large files as attachments.
Search mailbox
Users can select and view emails from certain senders through messages or lists.
Mobile experience
Users can use the same SensMail desktop version using a mobile device.
Password requirements
Users can set password requirements such as length and special characters.
Restrict incoming and outgoing emails
Users can modify, add, or delete limits for incoming and outgoing emails.
Various statistics such as incoming and outgoing emails or access types are provided.
Access IP management
Detailed information is provided to manage access IP system for relay hosting access IP, administrator access IP, etc.
User log management
Users can view user activity logs such as login/logout attempts and password changes.
Security settings
Users can opt in/out when reporting hacking attempts or add/delete security administrators.

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