Company History
Korea’s No.1
  • Advancement of KB Financial Group’s mail system
  • SensArchiving V2.0 registered at Public Procurement Service’s Online e-Procurement System
  • Built a mail system for DSME’s defense physical network separation project
  • Built an Internet mail system for Korea Southern Power Co., Ltd.
  • Advancement of the Korea Institute of Planning and Evaluation for Technology in Food, Agriculture and Forestry (IPET) mail system
  • SensMail V5.0 registered at Public Procurement Service’s Online e-Procurement System
  • Built a mail archiving system for KB Financial Group
  • Advancement of Seoul City’s integrated mail system
  • Built a business support mail system for the Korea Post Information Center
  • Built a mail system for Nice Payments Co., Ltd.
  • Strengthened e-mail security for the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI)
  • Selected as an export voucher business by the Small and Medium Business Corporation (China Highway)
  • Built a mail system for KT bizmeka
  • Built a mail system for the Internet network of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
  • Selected as an export competency–strengthening business company (Small and Medium Business Administration [SMBA])
  • Built a business mail system for Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Corporation
  • Launched SensMail 10.5 / SensArchiving 4.0 / SensGate 1.0
  • Built a mail system for Incheon International Airport Corporation
  • Built Giant Mail for LG Electronics
  • Selected as SW product market development business (jointly hosted by the Information & Communications Technology Promotion and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency [NIPA])
  • Selected as Seoul Metropolitan Government’s administration portal (integrated mail) personal information protection and security enhancement company
  • Selected as the e-mail system advancement company of Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
  • Launched SensMail 10.4
  • Selected as Sejong University’s webmail system provider
  • Obtained venture certification (extended)
  • Selected as a webmail system provider for the Korea University of Technology and Education
  • Selected as KB Financial Group’s messenger archiving system provider
  • Launched SensMail 10.3
  • Concluded an agreement for the KT bizmeka webmail hosting business
  • Selected as a Chinese IT export consortium operator (sponsored by NIPA)
  • Extended INNO-BIZ certification
  • SensMail 10 SW registration
  • Big Data Enterprise Council membership registration
  • Cyvalue (Big Data Forum) membership registration
  • Selected as an original convergence technology development company (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)
  • Relocated the head office
  • Selected as a military service exemption company in 2013
  • Received a prize from the Minister of Education & Science (No. 10160)
  • Selected as a military service exemption company by the Military Manpower Administration
  • Venture company certification
  • Extended INNO-BIZ certification
  • SensArchiving received the Good Software certification from the Telecommunications Technology Association [TTA])
  • Launched SensMobile, a dedicated smartphone mail service
  • Participated in public institutions’ personal information protection conference
  • Launched “SensMail for public institutions” that complies with the “commercial e-mail access blocking guideline” of National Intelligence Service (NIS)
  • Signed a supply contract with NetLearning Co. of Japan
  • INNO-BIZ membership registration
  • INNO-BIZ certification
  • Signed the EMC Advantage Partner contract
  • Concluded an SBO agreement with Daewoo Information Systems
  • Selected as a joint development company of the 2007 industry–academic research by the Small and Medium Business Administration [SMBA))
  • Selected as IBM Advanced Level Partner
  • Signed a contract with Japan’s M&S for the sales of products and services in Japan
  • Carried out an e-mail system rebuilding project for Daewoo Japan
  • Launched SensMail’s stabilized version in Japanese and Chinese
  • TTA’s Good Software certification
  • Developed the SensMail security mail module (text encryption, certification, and public key infrastructure [PKI] support)
  • E-mail archiving business collaboration with IBM
  • Selected as IBM ISV Solution Partner
  • SensMail Enterprise selected as an excellent private S/W for administrative business
  • Selected as Sun Advantage Partner
  • Launched SensMail Enterprise
  • Selected as an industry–academic-research development consortium operator (SMBA / Seoul Metropolitan Government)
  • Established an e-mail technology center and acquired certification from the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology
  • Selected as Samsung Electronics Solution Partner
  • Selected as an e-mail solution provider for the e-government in Laos
  • Acquired venture certification from SMBA (new technology business)
  • Selected as a telecommunication industry development business operator by the Ministry of Information and Communication
  • Selected as an information technology promotion fund operator by the Ministry of Information and Communication
  • Selected as a solution partner of Hewlett Packard Korea
  • Patent and utility model application for a natural language based–slang processor
  • Selected as a 2001 SMB technology innovation business operator (Task title: Natural language processing–based Internet channel management system)
  • Korea Software Industry Association membership subscription
  • Selected as a software development support business operator by the Ministry of Information and Communication
  • BM patent application for the electronic business card service operating method using a mobile phone
  • Company name changed to IMOXION Co., Ltd. for incorporation