Email monitoring system
to prevent information leakage
SensGate analyzes emails sent to external addresses and delays, asks for confirmation, and encrypts emails with risk of information leakage after filtering them. It is an integrated email security solution to filter malicious codes and ransomware from external emails.

Preset filter to prevent information leakage for individuals and businesses

  • Prevents information leakage using the guideline-based preset filter by sorting emails
  • Prevents leakage of sensitive information such as resident registration number

Encryption and blockage of delivery/Prevention of wrong delivery/Confirmation of outgoing emails

  • Delays email delivery set by administrator by sending a confirmation email to the sender and requiring a re-confirmation
  • Send emails that have been confirmed based on company policies through the confirmed email function
  • Settings for email encryption and blocking

Convenient administrator mode

  • Separate storage of data in each domain through multi-tenant support
  • Administrator mode that can handle urgent unconfirmed emails
  • Statistics and real-time monitoring of policy and storage limit

Major Functions

Email confirmation
According to administrative policy, emails confirmed by managers or third party (approver) are allowed to be sent.
Prevention of wrong delivery
The preset filter can delay the email delivery and sends confirmation emails in case external email addresses are included.
Encryption and blocking of outgoing emails
Filtered content and attached files are encrypted and can be blocked from being sent. (*Blocked emails are accessible in logs)
Personal data filter
This personal data filter can detect personal data not only in emails' main content but also from subject, URL and attached files, and prevents information leakage.
Users can check detailed statistics for periods/policies and add them to the dashboard.
Activity log
This filter allows users to search detailed information by date, subject, sender, receiver, or status.
Administrator mode for handling urgent emails
The administrator can confirm or reject email delivery if an approver or proxy is absent.

Configuration Map

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