Products SensMail

Product stability that complies with the latest government security guidelines

  • Complies with the SW development security guideline and the JAVA secure coding guideline
  • Complies with the guidelines for the establishment and operation of information systems for administrative and public institutions
  • Complies with National Intelligence Service’s commercial e-mail access blocking guidelines
  • Complies with the rules and regulations related to the Personal Information Protection Law
  • Complements the security vulnerability of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

Strong security that can respond to external threats such as spam and hacking

  • Hacking-suspicious mail report function and security management function
  • Blocks malicious codes and hacking-suspicious mails in advance using the mail and attached file preview function

Convenience for both users and administrators

  • UI for user convenience such as large file transfer, personal web hard, and attached file search
  • Administrator function to check mail server connection and user status at a glance
  • Customized services tailored to the internal policies of public institutions and private enterprises
User Function
Write Mail
  • Mail address auto-complete function
  • Document format registration and correction according to internal regulations
  • Free copy and paste using office solution (Hangul, MS Office, etc.)
Send Mail
  • Return Receipt, Cancel Send, Wait Send, and Scheduled Send functions
  • Security mail that can set the password, receivable period, and maximum number of reading
  • Approval mail that can be sent only after obtaining approval from the approver
Mail Reading
  • Indicates the sender IP and country information
  • Indicates “Alert” if the sender’s actual IP address and sending domain are different from each other
  • Bulk download of attached files
  • Attached file preview without download
Mailbox Management
  • Mailbox sharing setting based on an organization chart
  • Moves mails from the mail list using the drag-and-drop function
  • Personal mailbox addition and four-step support
  • Mail backup, upload, and personal web hard support
  • Mail deletion period setting and backup for each mailbox
  • Waiting-mail box with white list applied
Address Book Management
  • Address file upload and download in CSV format
  • Address book management and sharing setting based on a group/organization chart
Bulletin Board and Notices
  • The same editor as mail writing
  • Detailed bulletin board search
Schedule Management
  • Checking of personal and group schedules as well as the entire schedule at a glance
  • Repeated schedule setting
  • Set whether to use ActiveX or not
  • Access-allowing country setting
  • Automatic response function setting
  • External mail setting
  • Main text blocking function setting
  • Mailbox backup / large file attachment history setting
Administrator Function
  • Domain and system management
  • Management of all users and groups
  • Inactive account and subscriber management
  • User authority setting
  • Password policy setting
  • Hacking-suspicious mail search and batch deletion
  • Setting of the maximum SMTP mail sending limit for each user
  • Regular mail queue and large mail queue setting
  • Mail sending and receiving, mail deletion, and access (web, SMTP,
    POP3, and IMAP) log search
  • Strengthening of the statistical function (system load statistics, mail sending statistics, access type statistics, etc.)
Security Function
  • Encryption transmission to the transmission section between mail servers (TLS)
  • Encryption transmission during communication between a client and the mail server (SSL)
  • Duplicate login blocking and secondary authentication during login
  • Identification of login history in the recent 90 days
  • Password policy setting and allowable number of login failure threshold setting/blocking
  • Automatic suspension of account use when sending mails more than the threshold number of mails for a certain period
  • Hacking-suspicious mail report and security management
  • Blocking of malicious codes and hacking-suspicious mails in advance using the preview function
  • Encryption of parameter values when calling the receipt-check information URL
  • Encryption of personal information
Configuration Map