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The KT bizmeka webmail hosting service does not need a separate system construction, management, and maintenance workforce. It uses a company’s unique e-mail address, and provides the latest UI for both users and the administrator as well as a strong security function.

The latest UI for both users and the administrator as well as strong security

  • It supports both webmail and mobile mail, allowing you to check your mail anytime, anywhere
  • Administrator function setting according to internal corporate policies, blocking management, and monitoring support
  • Provides the security service of the KT Internet Computing Center (ICC) resident staff for 24 hr and 365 days
Program customized for enterprises
  • Selects customized programs according to enterprise size and the necessary capacity
Strong Security Function
  • Security setting and access IP blocking
  • Encryption of outgoing and incoming mails (SSL/TLS)
  • Mails cannot be checked when they are leaked outside because they were encrypted
User Function
  • Multilingual webmail interface and browser support
  • Large file attachment, drag-and-drop mail transfer, external mail import, mail classification, sender blocking, spam blocking, reserved sending, etc.
  • Mailbox sharing, data center sharing, bulletin sharing, and schedule management support
Administrator Function
  • Mail menu and function on/off available
  • Management of setting values such as the number of outgoing mails / large file attachment capacity, etc.
  • Management of all users and groups
  • Statistics function